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Salim Khan, father of Salman Khan, is fed up with the anger of children, saying, “After alcohol…”

बच्चों के गुस्से से तंग आ चुके हैं सलमान खान के पिता सलीम खान, बोले- 'शराब पीने के बाद तो...'Salim Khan Talks About Children’s Anger Issues:

Recently, Salim Khan, renowned Bollywood screenwriter and father of Salman Khan, gave an interview where he discussed the habit of children drinking alcohol. In this interview, Salim Khan was asked to mention one quality that he wishes to see in his children. Responding to this, Salman Khan’s father stated patience and controlling anger. He mentioned that he believes anger is a good emotion but should be used in the right manner. He highlighted that it’s a genetic problem that even children face, and it’s essential to learn to control anger. He emphasized that things could get worse, especially after drinking alcohol, and if people cannot control themselves after drinking, they should be stopped.

Salim Khan Also Struggles with Anger:

It’s worth noting that Salim Khan also struggles with anger, as he openly admitted in an interview. During a special conversation with Live Mint, Salim Khan expressed that his anger can sometimes escalate too much. He admitted to feeling scared when he gets angry himself. He also shared that his anger is similar to short temper issues and can be compared to BP problems.

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