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Set any password you want, just don’t make this mistake at all. Remember these four things.

पासवर्ड ही तो है कुछ भी रख लो...ये वाली गलती आप बिलकुल मत करना, ध्यान रखें ये 4 बात Choosing a Strong Password:
You might have read numerous news articles through us, where we’ve explained how hackers can crack common passwords in just a few seconds. We’ve also shared a list of agencies discussing globally used common passwords. Today, we’re going to tell you what to keep in mind when setting passwords for your digital accounts. If you follow the statement of “set any password you want,” you might become a victim of hacking.

Creating a Secure Password:
Password Length: The best way to make a password secure is to increase its length. Longer passwords are challenging for hackers to crack. Experts suggest that a strong password should be at least 12 characters long, including uppercase, lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters.

For example, compare a weak and a strong password: 987456321 / @globalTech5018P.

Avoid Personal Information: While creating a password, refrain from using personal information such as your date of birth, place names, anniversaries, children’s names, etc. Do not use any data related to your social domain in your password. Hackers often target your digital data. Sachin Castelino advises, “Create a combination of random characters that are not related to your personal life. Do not write down your password, PIN for mobile or internet banking anywhere, as it poses a security risk. If someone finds the paper or file, they can easily access your account.”

Implementing the Multiple Passwords Trick:
It’s common to use the same password for multiple accounts, but this can be risky in the digital age. Create different passwords for all accounts so that even if you fall victim to hacking, hackers won’t have access to all your information.

Regularly Changing Passwords:
Change your passwords every 60 or 90 days to reduce the likelihood of them being hacked. Regularly update your apps as well to avoid any vulnerabilities. Castelino suggests, “Set a reminder to change your password every three to six months so that you remember.”

Two-Factor Authentication:
Two-factor authentication provides additional security beyond just a password. Keep this service on for all your digital accounts to enhance security.

Pay Attention to This Too:
Even the strongest password can be susceptible to a phishing attack. Therefore, always verify the authenticity of the email and website before entering your login credentials. If you enter your details on an insecure website, your account could be compromised. Additionally, if you use password manager apps to keep your passwords safe, thoroughly check them as well. This means looking at reviews and everything else.

Aslam Khan

हर बड़े सफर की शुरुआत छोटे कदम से होती है। 14 फरवरी 2004 को शुरू हुआ श्रेष्ठ भारतीय टाइम्स का सफर लगातार जारी है। हम सफलता से ज्यादा सार्थकता में विश्वास करते हैं। दिनकर ने लिखा था-'जो तटस्थ हैं समय लिखेगा उनका भी अपराध।' कबीर ने सिखाया - 'न काहू से दोस्ती, न काहू से बैर'। इन्हें ही मूलमंत्र मानते हुए हम अपने समय में हस्तक्षेप करते हैं। सच कहने के खतरे हम उठाते हैं। उत्तरप्रदेश से लेकर दिल्ली तक में निजाम बदले मगर हमारी नीयत और सोच नहीं। हम देश, प्रदेश और दुनिया के अंतिम जन जो वंचित, उपेक्षित और शोषित है, उसकी आवाज बनने में ही अपनी सार्थकता समझते हैं। दरअसल हम सत्ता नहीं सच के साथ हैं वह सच किसी के खिलाफ ही क्यों न हो ? ✍असलम खान मुख्य संपादक

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