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Is Alwish Yadav smitten by Anjali Aroda’s love? Speculation about dating soars after spotting a car in the ‘Kaccha Badam’ girl’s video | Bollywood Life Hindi

अंजलि अरोड़ा के प्यार में पड़े एल्विश यादव? 'कच्चा बादाम' गर्ल के वीडियो में दिखी गाड़ी से उड़ी डेटिंग की अफवाहAfter winning Bigg Boss OTT Season 2, Elvish Yadav has consistently been in the headlines for various reasons. Recently, Elvish’s name has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. Just a few days ago, the incident of a physical altercation with YouTuber Sagar Thakur, aka Maxtern, is still fresh in people’s minds. Now, Elvish is making headlines not due to any controversy but because of his love life.

Amidst the buzz, Anjali Aroda, known for her Lock Upp fame, became involved in the story of the physical altercation. Since then, people have not forgotten her, and now, any action or statement by Anjali and Elvish sparks discussions about the two. Currently, Anjali is on vacation, and after people saw one of her videos, they started connecting her with Elvish.

Anjali Aroda shared a video from her vacation featuring a black-colored car. Trolls have managed to find a picture of Elvish Yadav with a similar car, fueling speculation that Elvish and Anjali Aroda might be on vacation together. Every post by Anjali Aroda is now being flooded with questions related to Elvish Yadav. Some are openly stating that it is now confirmed that Elvish and Anjali are together on this vacation. However, upon closer inspection, the cars do not seem identical. Nevertheless, trolls have begun creating speculations about the relationship between Elvish Yadav and Anjali Aroda.

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