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What did Arbaaz Khan say about nepotism when it was mentioned that even a superstar’s 10 films can flop?

'एक सुपरस्टार की भी 10 फिल्में फ्लॉप होती हैं...', नेपोटिज्म पर क्या-क्या बोले अरबाज खान?Arbaaz Khan shared his views on nepotism in Bollywood during a conversation with Ankit from Timeout. He emphasized that success of any star kid should not be solely credited to their filmy background. Arbaaz stated that even if someone has close connections in Bollywood, they still have to go through the struggle. He likened it to doors opening for those whose fathers are doctors or lawyers, allowing them access to opportunities in those professions. According to Arbaaz, while having a filmy family may make it easier to connect with people, it doesn’t guarantee getting work.

Arbaaz mentioned that having a Bollywood connection doesn’t assure a 25-year successful career. He expressed that a connection might provide a break but won’t shape one’s entire career. Arbaaz and his brother Sohail may not have achieved the same level of success as Salman Khan, but they continue to work in the industry and stay busy with various projects.

He also highlighted that nobody assists anyone in the industry, debunking the notion that an actor’s success is solely due to connections or nepotism. Arbaaz pointed out that even superstars go through phases where their films fail, and they struggle to figure out the next steps. In such situations, it becomes challenging for them to help relatives or acquaintances from the industry.

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