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A fantastic feature has been introduced in WhatsApp; now, there won’t be any trouble with using ‘1234’ in chatting.

WhatsApp में आया कमाल का फीचर, अब चैटिंग में नहीं होगी '1234' की दिक्कतWhatsApp Feature: WhatsApp regularly introduces several features on its platform at regular intervals, enhancing users’ experiences. Perhaps this is why WhatsApp is the world’s most popular messaging platform. Although it’s early in 2024, WhatsApp has already announced many new features and more are expected to come in the near future. In this article, we will focus on one particular feature.

New Features in WhatsApp:
WhatsApp has introduced a remarkable feature called the Numbered List feature. Previously, during a WhatsApp chat, if you had to number different items in three or more lines, you had to manually input numbers before each line. Now, this is no longer necessary. If you input ‘1’ before the first line and then, after typing something, press the space key before moving on to the next line, ‘2’ will automatically appear. This pattern continues for subsequent lines.

In this way, WhatsApp’s Numbered List feature automatically functions, similar to typing in Microsoft Word. Additionally, if you want to add bullet points in WhatsApp, you now have that option as well. If you add a bullet point before the first line during chatting, all subsequent lines will automatically have bullet points.

Feature on Android and Apple Devices:
According to information from WABetainfo, a website that provides insights into WhatsApp, this feature is currently being tested on the beta version. It is being presented for testing in beta versions for both Android and iOS operating systems. This implies that this feature will be available on both Android and iPhone devices.

Understanding WhatsApp’s Feature in Simple Terms:
In simple terms, during chatting on WhatsApp, in addition to bold, italic, strikethrough, and underline features, you will now have the ability to arrange text using features like blocks, bullet lists, numbered lists, and quote blocks. If you want to highlight a specific part in a reply during a match, you will have access to the quote block feature, which you can use by typing “>”.

Aslam Khan

हर बड़े सफर की शुरुआत छोटे कदम से होती है। 14 फरवरी 2004 को शुरू हुआ श्रेष्ठ भारतीय टाइम्स का सफर लगातार जारी है। हम सफलता से ज्यादा सार्थकता में विश्वास करते हैं। दिनकर ने लिखा था-'जो तटस्थ हैं समय लिखेगा उनका भी अपराध।' कबीर ने सिखाया - 'न काहू से दोस्ती, न काहू से बैर'। इन्हें ही मूलमंत्र मानते हुए हम अपने समय में हस्तक्षेप करते हैं। सच कहने के खतरे हम उठाते हैं। उत्तरप्रदेश से लेकर दिल्ली तक में निजाम बदले मगर हमारी नीयत और सोच नहीं। हम देश, प्रदेश और दुनिया के अंतिम जन जो वंचित, उपेक्षित और शोषित है, उसकी आवाज बनने में ही अपनी सार्थकता समझते हैं। दरअसल हम सत्ता नहीं सच के साथ हैं वह सच किसी के खिलाफ ही क्यों न हो ? ✍असलम खान मुख्य संपादक

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